To celebrate Halloween, I created small pumpkin ears. They can be fixed in the hair without having a headband. In addition, it is very simple to achieve. It’s great, is not it?

oreilles halloween

Pattern – Cat ears Halloween

  • Some orange and black yarn, I suggest you take a light yarn.
  • 2 click clack hair clips
  • 1 hook, size depending on the yarn you use

Here the pattern. The number of stitches may change depending on the yarn and the clip size.

oreilles halloween

Crochet in the round with the orange yarn. After the row 3, ​​cross the clip in the small hole planned previously by the way below and continue to finish the ear with orange yarn. Crochet an edge in single crochet with your black yarn to end.
oreilles halloween oreilles halloween

Now it’s your turn! And enjoy Halloween!