You may already know the cable cast-on method. It is a method that I use all the time, which consists of knitting the stitches. I do not like to cast on the stitches with my fingers as long-tail cast on because you always have to plan some lengths, it’s difficult to give a precise measure especially when you have a lot of stitches to cast on.

Today, I show you a method of cast on for 2/2 ribbing. It is an improved method from the alternate cable cast-on, which allows to have a solid and elastic border.

montage des mailles pour côtes 2/21. Make a slip knot and place on your needle.

montage des mailles pour côtes 2/22. Knit 1 st and place it immediately on your needle to create a knit st.

ribbing_CO_33. Purl a st between the the last st and the one before it, place it on your needle.

4. Then knit 1 st between the last st and the one before it for a knit st.

5. Repeat 3 to 4, creating alternative knit and purl sts, until you have the desired number of sts.

montage des mailles pour côtes 2/2 6. R1: Knit 1 st, bring the yarn in front, slip the next st, and bring the yarn in back. Repeat this to end. In fact, you only knit all knit stitches and slip all purl stitches with yarn in front.

7. R2: see R1 (if you work in the round, purl all purl stitches and slip all knit stitches with yarn in back)

montage des mailles pour côtes 2/2 8. R3: Knit the 1st st. The 2nd st is a purl st, change the place between it and the 3rd st as work a T2B st, knit the 2nd st, purl the 3rd st and knit the 4th st. Repeat this for every 4 sts to end of the row.

montage des mailles pour côtes 2/2

With this method, the border of your rib is pretty and a little thicker to avoid relaxing after several washes.