A bobble is a fancy stitch made by knitting with several increases on a stitch, then decreasing to a stitch. I explain here a bobble of 5 stitches.

1. Knit 1 st and without pulling it off the left needle.

2. Knit a yarn over.

3. Knit 1 st again in the same stitch.

4. Repeat the step 2 and 3. You now have 5 sts.

5. Turn, P5. Turn, K5. Turn, P5.

6. Next right side row, begin the decrease. Slip the first 3 sts as knit them together on the right needle.

7. Then knit next 2 sts together.

8. pass the 3 slipped sts one by one over the knitted st.

9. Voila, the bobble is done!