I just did a super cowl with the yarn that I dyed myself. I’m happy with the result. It is quite thick and will keep me warm. Now I want it cold, cold … 🙂

For this cowl, the stitch is based on the basket stitch, but more large. I call it the big basket stitch. It is a stitch adapted well to the bulky yarn.


Pattern – Highland Cowl

Yarn : Bulky (my dye)
Needles : 6mm
Yardage : 200m / 218 yds
Gauge : 18 st = 10 cm / 4’’ in stockinette stitch
Skills needed : Know how to knit a cable
Sizing tips : To have a smaller or bigger width, it is enough to decrease or to increase stitches per 6.
Final size of this cowl : 72 cm x 27 cm
Abbreviation :
St : stitch(s)
C6L : 6-st cable left
C6R : 6-st cable right

Notes : This cowl is knitted as one flat piece and then sewn into a circle. It contains two parts, the first part with the big point baskets, and the second with the garter stitch. You can double the length to turn two times on the neck.


  • Cast on 53 (6×8+5). You need a number of st multiplied per 6, and then added 5.

Part 1 :

  • Row 1 : Slip the first st. Purl all st and wrap the yarn twice around the needle instead of once, until there is one st. And purl normally the last st.
  • Row 2 : Slip the first st. Knit 8 times C6L. Knit 4.
  • Row 3 : Repeat the row 1.
  • Row 4 : Slip the first st. Knit 3. Knit 8 times C6R. Knit 1.
  • Repeat 12 times from row 1 to row 4.

Part 2 :

  • Row 1 : You have to make a decrease, otherwise your work is going to widen with the garter st. Slip the first st purlwise. *Knit 2 st together, knit 1, knit 2 st together, Knit 2*, repeat **7 times. Knit 2 st together. knit 1.
  • Knit all rows (front and back) until the same length as the first part.
  • Bind off. Leave a long tail of thread to sew.

Now it’s your turn!