I brought two skeins of merino of the store Loop & Leaf which is located in Santa Barbara. This yarn is Maxima by Manos del Uruguay, hand dyed. I was seduced by the mixture of color between blue and red. What can I do with 200 grams of merino? Another crowl ? Why ? Because my cowl Highland is already on the neck of my honey !

It is not always easy to find a stitch for this kind of varied yarn. You have to think of emphasizing its magnificent color and especially of taking out again the used point. After many tries, I finally found the stitch which pleased me. The varied color clings perfectly to this stitch. Well, my second cowl of this year, Bonbon.


Yarn type : Worsted
Needle : 5mm
Métrage : 400m / 438 yds
Gauge : 18 stitchs=10 cm / 4’’ in stockinette stitch
Sizing tips : To have a smaller or bigger width, it is enough to decrease or to increase stitches per 6.
Final size of this cowl : 120 cm x 22 cm
Autres matériels : 1 hook and 5 buttons
Abbreviation : st(s)=stitch(s), RS=Right side, WS=Wrong side, K=knit, P=purl

Instructions :

    • Cast on 50 (6×8+2). You need a number of st multiplied per 6, and then added 2. 6 sts for 1 stitch pattern, 2 sts for two edges. Slip the 1st st of all the rows to have the pretty edges.
    • Row 1 (RS) : slip 1, *K2, K2 and wind the thread twice around the needle instead of once for each st, K2; repeat from * to the last st, K1 and turn.
    • Row 2 (WS) : slip 1, *Place the 2nd and 3rd sts to the right needle, unwind the 4th st in 1 loop, return the 2nd st and 3rd st to the left needle. Now, by means of the right needle, place the 4th st in front of 2nd st by passsing over the 2nd and 3rd sts, P this st and P the 2nd st and 3rd st. Unwind the 5th st in 1 loop by means of the right needle, then put it behind 7th st by passing over the 6th and 7th sts, P 6th st and 7th st, P 5th st; repeat from * to the last st, P1 and turn.

  • Repeat the rows 1 and 2 util you have reached your desired length and bind off on the RS.

For buttonholes, I crocheted a row with single crochet sts and 5 loops with chain sts. You can make in your own way.

Now, it’s your turn !