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Video Tutorial: Bind off the ribbing

Like you, I often finish my sweaters with ribs for the sleeves or the buttonhole band or something else. You can see that it’s always a bit of a challenge to bind off the ribs, because when you bind off with the classic technique, that is to say bind off stitches one by one as it is, it’s simple but the rendering is not pretty and lacks flexibility.
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Video Tutorial: Big Diagonal Basketweave Stitch

Following the release of my highland snood, a knitting friend does not understand the text tutorial. So, I decided to make a small video to better show in detail how to make this Big Diagonal Basketweave Stitch. You will see that there is nothing difficult if you know how to knit a cable.

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Video Tutoriel: work a chain with a hook

I made a short video to show how to make a solid chain in crochet. I often use this way of doing things for my bags and clothes. It is very solid and no risk that it is deformed, much stronger than single or double chain. Here, I hope you’ll like it!

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