Like you, I often finish my sweaters with ribs for the sleeves or the buttonhole band or something else. You can see that it’s always a bit of a challenge to bind off the ribs, because when you bind off with the classic technique, that is to say bind off stitches one by one as it is, it’s simple but the rendering is not pretty and lacks flexibility.

For all this, I show you a more efficient technique, while remaining flexible and elastic for the finish. You do not need a wool needle, but simply your knitting needles that you use for your ribs. Here is the video:

Some rules for this technique:

  • Purl the 1st stitch if it is a knit stitch, knit it if it is a purl stitch.
  • the big secret of this technique is how to move the right needle each time you have to pass the yarn in front or back. Usually, you bring the yarn between the two needles to knit a stitch upside down. But here you move the needle instead of moving the thread that always stays behind the knitted stitch. You must binf off this stitch with your fingers so that it is not twisted by moving the needle.
  • This technique can adapt to any kind of rib: 1/2, 1/3, 2/2 … just remember how it works.

I hope my video can help you in your knitwear! Do not hesitate if you have any questions.