We arrive soon end of the year, I guess you’re like me, to start preparing lots of things, decoration, gifts … In our family, we have a little princess more to pamper this year, in real life, she was born last year a few days before Christmas, it’s her second Christmas with us. But hey, she was so small last year …

I did not have time to make it a dress for Christmas, but I had to find a little thing quickly, just to have something “Mom”. I finally decided to crochet a headband of horns. I have a doubt that if she would like to have something strange on her head, she often pulls when I put a blindfold, we’ll see.

So with two small evenings, little horns are made! At first, I made only with red yarn, it lacks a small editing for my taste so I added the white yarn that presents the snow, yes, it is indispensable for Christmas!

I still have a few days before Christmas but I still have not finished the headband! At least we have the horns 😉