Sommetimes, I like to add something to my favorite objects as this super tassel. It’s not complicated to make and it is decorative. You can hang it anywhere, on the bag, on the curtain or anything else you prefer.

pompon frange crochet

Tutorial – Super tassel with fringes

To do this, you should prepare :

  • yarn of your choice. I used mercerized cotton
  • 1 hook. Size according to your yarn
  • 1 piece of cardboard 9cm long

pompon frange crochet

You will first make the pompon hat. R1 : ch4 and join. R2 : sc2 in the same st (8 sts). R3 : *sc1, sc2 in the same st*, repeat ** 3 times (12 sts). R4-R8 : sc1 in each st (12m). R9 : *ch2, 3 hdc cluster (popcorn), sc1*, repeat ** 5 times. Make franges with the cardboard, approximately 60 turns around the carton. Tying up with the yarn and cut it open at the bottom. Make a solid chain about 15cm. Now, take the chain by crossing the hat to attach the top of fringes. Well, your pompom with fringes is finished ! Enjoy !