Today, I’m going to show you the tutorial of a small flower bracelet. It’s simple, you can do it in half an hour.

Some cotton yarn
1 hook 2mm
1 sewing needle
1 safety pin
1 button

Start with the chain shrimp (yes I found the name for this chain) to the length to make a buttonhole. Join in a ring and continue to the length to 2 turns on the wrist. Leaving yarn tail long enough to sew the button.

Then, we make the flower. Make a chain of 52 st.
Row 1: ch4, 1 sc in all 4 st till the end, we obtain 13 circles.
Row 2: make petals. In every circle, sc1, 8dc, sc1.
Leaving yarn tail long enough. Roll up petals then fix them with sewing needle. Sew then the pin to the back of the flower.

Well, the bracelet is quite simple! You can put it with or without the flower.


bracelet fleur crochet

Now, it’s your turn !