I’m happy to launch the first article on my new site!

My little girl is often cold at the ankles right now, I mean, I find her ankles are often cold ^^ so I decided to knit the gaiters to protect from cold. I still have a lot of yarn leftovers, I took those of Shetland fine ofl ‘écharpée laine (this is the rest of my cardigan Manhattan ). I wanted something quite elastic and thick, the brioche became my first choice. Finally, I like the result a lot, so I share with you a little free pattern.

    • Yarn: Some yarn for 2 contrasting colors, I’m sure you’re like me, with full of little balls in your stash. For my part, I used about 20 grams for each color with a fingering yarn.
    • Needles: 3.5 mm
    • Cable needles if needed (I have never used)
    • 3 Markers
    • Know how to knit the brioche the round, otherwise you can find videos on YouTube.

There is only one size in the pattern, you can change the number of stitches and rows to get the final size.

Télécharger le patron en français

Download the pattern in English