Hello guys,

I regularly looking for testers for my future patrons, if you want to be part of my list, thank you to contact me via the contact form.

Some lines to respect before committing yourself:

  • you are serious and you are a knitting addict
  • you have knitting experiences, you have already done tests knit before.
  • you have to respect the deadline indicated for each test
  • you have a account Ravelry

The test is on Slack like many designers who do it.

During the test, you have to:

  • inform me which yarn you are using
  • inform me of any type of errors you might find.
  • tell me if the instructions can be clearer or give me other tips or ideas.

After the test, you have to:

  • inform me about the yarndage
  • create a project on Ravelry with a high quality photo

You will receive the final version of the pattern if the test is complete.

Voila, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

A nice day !